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Josh and Sam: Their Not-So-Secret Love

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Josh/Sam is sub-text love.

Created by anita_coffee

This is a community solely dedicated to the not-so-secret love between Joshua Lyman and Sam Seaborn of The West Wing.

We are mainly fanfiction- and drabble-oriented, but we are also welcome to other types of expression, such as icons and (some) rants. However, we do not accept bashing of other characters such as Ainsley Hayes and Donna Moss -- this is a positive community centered around only Josh and Sam. (This does not prohibit such things like Donna's thoughts about Josh and Sam's relationship; I'm sure you get the idea.)

When posting fanfiction, please use lj-cuts. Drabbles (100-200 words) are all right without the cuts, but anything with R content or above must be behind cuts.

If you have any suggestions about maintaining or improving the community, please direct them to katsuragi@graffiti.net or introductory; or to hjordis@livejournal.com orhjordis.

The membership is open, so feel free to join and start posting right away. Everyone's welcome here :D